The switch has two different posi-tions: close and open, with an effective locking system that prevents incorrect operations. IM6-PM outdoor switches are contained in stainless steel tanks filled with SF6 gas. Inside the stainless steel tank is placed the 3-phase switch, which can assume 2 positions: closed and open. The rotary motion of the shaft is made by an operating mechanism placed on the front. The stainless steel tank is equipped with a safety valve, which ensures safety in case of failure due to internal overpressure; in addition, a proper manometer assembled inside the operating mechanism and visible from the outside constantly monitors the pressure. The IM6-PM switch is designed be connected on overhead lines and to be installed in the modern telecontrol networks. The IM6-PM switch is maintenance free even in harsh environment conditions.

Main electrical characteristics
Rated voltage kV 24 36
Rated power-frequency withstand voltage 50Hz 1min kV (r.m.s.) 50 70
Rated lightning impulse 5withstand voltage kV (peak) 125 170
Rated frequency Hz 50-60
Rated current A 630
Rated short-circuit current kA 20 - 3s
Peak value kA 50