Medium Voltage

IM 6

On-load switches with three positions (open, closed, earthed); composed by an epoxy cast resin housing filled with SF6 gas. Commonly use in SYStem6.


Medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers for indoor installation, with lateral or frontal operating mechanism.



On-load switches for outdoor installation, suitable for use on overhead lines. Manual or motorized versions available.


RMSYS is suitable for secondary power distribution, fully SF6 insulated and fully extensible.


SYStem6 switchboards are composed by modular panels metal-enclosed type, equipped with SF6 insulated on-load switches and vacuum circuit breaker.


MV switchboards metal-clad type, equipped with withdrawable vacuum circuit breaker; suitable for the primary distribution. Rated current up to 3150A, with short-circuit current up to 40kA.


Medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers for indoor installation. Vacuum interrupters are encapsulated,minimum maintenance,withdrawable and fixed type; generally use in SYSclad. Rated current up to 3150A ,short-circuit current up to 40kA.